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Refill cotton wick candles

Refill cotton wick candles

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These refill options have been created for reusability, a great way to continue to use your empty candle vessels. 


What to do with all those empty candle jars? 
taking up room, tired of looking at them? 

Why not clean them out and re-use them as it’s originally designed for?! 

A brand new candle! 


1: clean your jars out, simply pour boiling water in your vessels let them sit over night, or until completely cold. 
2: scoop out your wax that’s sitting on the top of your vessel, discard of this. 
3: rinse your vessel in warm soapy water, dry and sit aside. 
4: Pre heat oven to roughly 80-100 Degrees C. 
5: Place your vessel inside your oven, for approximately 5 minutes, or until nice and warm. 
6: carefully pull your vessel out of your oven using oven mitts (will be hot) allow it to sit for a moment until it’s warm to touch but not scorching hot. 
7: Place your re-fill candle inside your vessel, give it a firm push to make sure it’s securely adhered to the sides and bottom. (Wax can melt a small amount around the sides whilst adhering to the vessel). 
8: Light your candle and enjoy! 

As simple as that, to make life easier you could wash all your vessels out after the use of each candle to then be ready for the next refill. 

Keep going until you’ve tried the whole range!