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Detox bath salts

Detox bath salts

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Detox filled with Orange and bergamot essential oils topped with our house dehydrated orange pieces. Allow these salts to transform your bathing experience. 


This is a natural way to soak in the bath and relax. all of those muscles. These bags are a larger version of our little jars, they also come with a little wooden scoop. 


- Place as much or little as you’d like in your bath at your desired temperature, soak in your bath. and allow the salts to do all the muscle relaxing for you. 


  • Helps to relieve Muscle Soreness  
  • Soak to stabilize Moods and relieve Stress
  • Soak to assist with Anxiety & Depression
  • Relaxing & Calming the Body
  • Believe to Aus in Heart health aiding blood circulation
  • Flushes Toxins & Heavy metals from the body 
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