About our Vegan soap

Fresh goats milk soap

~Natural ingredients~

Handmade with love & 100% natural ingredients.
The essential candle co.’s hand made soaps are lovingly made in small batches, using traditional methods.
Our soaps are full of skin loving oils and contain natural glycerin which is formed during the saponification process.
Our range of vegan soap is made with various botanicals, clays, salts, natural colorants and essential oils.
We do stock a range of fragranced soaps, they include body safe colors, fragranced oils, essential oils and cosmetic glitter.
Each bar is carefully formulated to nourish and cleanse, without stripping the natural oils from your skin.
 Base ingredients in our soaps;
 BASE INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, Unrefined coconut oil, rice bran oil, Shae butter, lye.
All of our soaps are NEVER tested on animals each batch is carefully tested on family and friends before releasing for sale.
Ingredients mild to one person may be an allergen ~ please exercise common sense when using our products. ~ Please read the provided ingredients information to avoid any known allergens.
Products are made for external use only, please don’t eat them (no matter how yummy they look or smell), avoid getting soap in your eyes. As with any body product, if a rash or irritation should occur please discontinue use and seek medical advice if needed.
If you would like to use our home-made soap but are sensitive to an ingredient, please get in touch with us ~ we’d be happy to discuss a custom order using alternative ingredients for you.
Please note all soaps are a home-made product, and no two pieces will ever be alike. Variants in size, weight and colour will occur, even in the same batch for this reason please use all the soap images as reference only.
Cold process soap takes around 6 weeks before it is ready for sale, so at times a soap may not be showing in our store. Please get in touch if this happens and you wish to order, we may have some almost ready.